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How would you determine payday loan and cash advance?
Cash advance and payday loan is convenient to cover your small expenses when you have urgent necessity. The loan is given rather fast in comparison with traditional loan and it is easy to get it. The sums provided are small and you can use them for short payments only. It is meant to be repaid on the day of your salary. After you apply for payday loan you get electronic payment to your bank account.

How can I use payday cash?
You can pay off the bills, cover some urgent expenses, buy what you wish. Use the cash the way you want.

What is available sum when I apply for payday loan?
The largest sum of payday loan is considered to be $1500, but big sums are available only for those who frequently apply for payday loan and successfully repay. If this is your first visit to the lending company you will not be provided with the biggest sum of money.

What is the fee for the service?
First of all, it is worth saying that we provide loans in compliance with the law in the country and the state that determine the proper rate. Different lenders charge different fees, but usually this sum is about 25-30 dollars for $100 that you want to borrow.

In what way is it possible to qualify for payday loan?
You should remember that you need to be a citizen of the country to apply for payday loan. We do not deal with people who have reached 18 years of age. The person who wants to borrow needs to be employed and have a banking account because the cash is transferred to the bank account. The minimal salary of the person who wants to apply for payday loan is $1000.

What information do you want me to provide in case I fill in the application form?
You will have to write your name, address, phones, banking info, Social Security Number, ID when you complete the request. As soon as you apply you will launch the procedure of approval.

Is it secure to leave personal information and financial data?
It is absolutely safe to apply to our website and leave all necessary information here. There is necessary protection for it. SSL encryption will provide the security of data transmittance.

Do I have to pay for application?
The application is free.

What should I do to express my consent with the terms offered to me after approval?
You will have to give your consent to take out a payday loan after you are approved. You should do it only in case you like the terms and the rate that you get with approval. You can withdraw your request until the moment when you give your agreement to borrow. If you agree to terms, the loan will be sent to your banking account electronically. The whole procedure from the moment of application up to the moment when you hold the desired cash will take just a day.

Am I entitled to get a payday loan if I am a bad credit customer?
We serve customers with bad credit histories as well.

What if I have a bad credit?
This is not a problem. You can apply to us even if you have a bad credit.

Is it possible to get a payday loan without fax sending?
We do not ask to send faxes, therefore it is more convenient to apply for payday loan with us.

Do you get in touch with my boss or colleagues as you apply for the loan?
We never contact the director of the company you work for. This is not permissible. Read the privacy policy to see that it is so.

How fast can I get my payday loan?
Payday loan can be obtained within 24 hours after you applied online.

Will I be informed about the approval?
You will send the email notification as soon as you are approved for the payday loan.

Do I have a right to reimburse ahead of time?
You should contact the company concerning the reimbursement. You will probably be asked to refund at this.